Services We Offer

Main Service Offered...Interventions: To learn more about what an Intervention is please click on What is an Intervention? The intervention process is explained in the link The Process.

Other Services Offered:

Case Management Services:

I will remain in touch with your loved ones primary therapist and/or clinical treatment team on a weekly basis while he/she is in treatment. This will help all involved provide your loved one with a seamless transition into an important and much needed outpatient treatment program. This service is covered in the cost of the intervention.

Once discharge from treatment draws near, you will have an option to continue with case management services on a 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, six month or one year basis. We can discuss this before your loved one is discharged. Ongoing case management services will give me an opportunity to make sure he/she does not fall through the cracks of the substance abuse/mental health system. It can be daunting at best to find a way to navigate without assistance. I learned early on in my military service...we never leave anyone behind! A newly sober persons first 30 days to one year can be difficult. I will be in weekly contact with him/her making sure medical, substance abuse, mental health, appointments are kept and that they are sticking to a much needed regimented 12 step recovery schedule/other recovery schedule if desired. I will also work as an advocate and/or mediator regarding work, legal, other issues as they arise if required. Fees for this service will discussed if warranted.
Sober Escort:

If you are concerned that he/she will not make it to treatment after they agree to go, or will use drugs and/or alcohol in route to treatment, or will make a side trip to visit 'people, places, and things' for "one last last hoorah!" on the way to the airport; I will make sure he/she gets to treatment and returns home as safe and as sound as possible. I will stay with your loved one until I am properly relieved by an admissions staff member at the treatment center we traveled to. A 'door to door' sober travel companion service.

Sober Buddy:

I will travel to your loved ones home town and be their "sober buddy" for a period of 72 hours or more if needed. The first 72 hours outside of an inpatient treatment program are critically important regarding the need for ongoing structure. It is not uncommon for 'old thoughts of using' or wanting to see 'old using friends" or visit 'old using places' for a myriad of poorly thought out reasons to creep back into their psyche. Do not be alarmed. It will pass. I will make sure he/she has mental health and/or substance abuse therapy appointments scheduled and that he/she gets to said appointments. We will "map out" a much needed 12 step meeting schedule as well. Again, we do not want anyone to fall through the cracks of the "system". As a "sober buddy",  with permission to enter, I will make sure your loved home is drug and/or alcohol free prior to discharging from treatment.

As a loving parent, spouse, or friend, you may be thinking you could do all of the things I listed by yourself. Truth be told, you probably could. However, you let go of that enabling behavior when your addicted loved one agreed to enter treatment. You are hopefully focusing on your healing...your journey...your beautiful life. You have support. I am here to help. I can and will help you put together a plan that will make sure you are focusing on your journey. It is all related!