Our Process

First and foremost,
I would like to thank you for the lengths you are willing to go to get your loved one the help that he or she needs. Thus far, your journey has been an emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental ‘rollercoaster ride from hell' with no end in sight. What I can tell you is this...I understand and you are not alone. To get started, please call the number provided (561-676-6435). You will speak with me right away or not long after you leave a voice mail. You can also email me. I will respond without delay. Please note that your calls, voice mails, and emails are completely confidential. You are in good hands with InterveRe.
The process:

Integrity, compassion, and respect are InterveRe's guideposts. I will listen to your story regarding what is going on with your addicted loved one. I will ask you to describe how the disease of addiction is taking its toll on you and your family. I will explain, in detail, what the intervention process is about. We will define a meticulous and successful plan of action regarding getting your loved one the help that he/she needs. No stone will be left unturned. I will address concerns and answer your questions whenever you bring them to my attention. I will break down what happens during your loved ones intervention as we use our phone calls and emails to prepare for the upcoming event. Please note, an intervention is a skillfully choreographed and highly interactive process for all who participate. Procedures will be discussed and enacted to address your loved ones possible resistance to their intervention, refusing to participate in their intervention, and/or refusing to go to treatment. If they were amenable to getting the help they needed we would not be conducting their intervention...correct?

Their pushback is to be expected. Try not to be alarmed. I know...easier said than done! Refusing to be a part of the intervention plus feelings of anger and betrayal are very common responses to an intervention. This will be your loved ones 'addicted personality' presenting itself to us in full blown defiance mode. As interventions go, we are trying to put some breathing room between 'it' (addiction) and your addict’s inevitable decision to get help. It goes without saying; an intervention is a very delicate process. Like a possessive and smothering lover...addiction does not want to let go and will attempt to block messages of common sense and professional direction! Your loved one is inside that pain...somewhere. An intervention will begin to show him/her he way out!

A few thoughts...
From an addictions medicine and psychological perspective your loved one has a 'disease of the brain'. I will explain this to you when we meet to talk about your loved ones intervention! I am sure you have heard the phrase "spiritually bankrupt" when living an addict’s life. Spiritually and behaviorally speaking, your loved one has acted in ways which left him/her in total conflict with their morals and values system. Please understand, it is not your job to convince him/her that the disease of addiction is causing him/her to behave in such a manner. Nor is it your job to convince him/her that the disease of addiction is progressive, incurable and fatal if left untreated. What matters most right now is that you begin to embrace these universal truths about addiction! Their denial will be confronted and addressed in treatment. Our mutually agreed upon intervention goal will be getting them the help they desperately need. Historically speaking, upon the conclusion of your loved ones intervention, they will come to realize it is in their best interest to get the help they need. Just know this...you are never alone...not now...not ever! There is a way out of the insanity...a chance to begin to live in the solution not the problem.

By contacting me, you have made the first and most important step regarding your families need to address your loved ones addiction and/or trauma. Hopefully, a realization has been made in that you are too emotionally close to the addict and their problems to be helpful. You may have thought you had the ability to be objective. Truth be told, the disease of addiction can be quite seductive that way. It wanted you to buy into yet another lie. After all...you are trying to help someone you love. You may have heard that this disease is cunning, baffling, and powerful. You have tried to understand it. You may have read literature on ways to help...or even ways not to help. You tried to be patient with your loved one. Maybe you finally realized your need to help only catapulted your loved one deeper into their disease. Welcome to the insanity of untreated drug and/or alcohol addiction as well as co-dependency/enabling behaviors...doing the same thing over and over again...knowing you are doing the same thing over and over again...expecting a different result. Please note...you and your addicted loved one are dealing with the rapaciousness of a predator...the likes of which you will never be able to wrap your logical mind and senses around. Literally and metaphorically speaking, this disease is holding the family hostage. An intervention is not considered treatment for the addict. We are throwing your loved one a life preserver...ironically speaking...you are catching it to save yourself as well.

This disease does not and will not stop with the addict. It has been an ever present destructive, manipulative, and unforgiving force in the lives of everyone. Fact check...an intervention is a lifesaving event for family members as well as your addicted loved one. InterveRe's process will get your family the help it needs. The addict can't do this work in a vacuum. The family must takes it blindfold off and begin to identify the roles all have played, after all, addiction is a family disease! It is time to smash the denial that has been driving wedges of anger and pain and betrayal between all involved in the addict’s life! The family must heal if the addict is to heal.

My company logo is a Celtic Trinity Knot. It has three different meanings. One, it embodies a life in balance by way of mind, body, and spirit. It represents life eternal. Fluid and beautiful. The addict and the family must heal and find balance in mind, body and spirit. Two, it represents the Holy Trinity...Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. There is a need for a spiritual connection when trudging the road to a happy destiny. You will need to define your Higher Power for yourself. Statistically speaking, long term sobriety correlates with working a spiritual, emotional, and mental program of recovery. Finally, the Celtic Trinity Knot symbolizes Earth, Water, and Air! All God given gifts needed to sustain our precious lives. In truth, InterveRe subscribes to all three philosophies! In closing, I would like to share it will be an honor to begin this journey of recovery with you and your loved one(s). Please, do not wait to contact me. It is never too soon to take action!

In highest regards,

Michael Maloney
InterveRe Founder