500,000 WARRIORS

Over 500,000 new generation combat veterans are walking among us with untreated PTSD. Untreated PTSD is a DIRECT contributing factor regarding suicide attempts and successes among our combat vets. We are losing at LEAST 40 of our warriors to suicide every 24 hours. One every 12 minutes! In 2012, the VA provided a statistic that quoted 22 vet suicides every 24 hours. THEY WERE AND CONTINUE TO BE WRONG! They white washed that statistic. That in and of itself is a national disgrace. IF the FACTS were to be accurately portrayed...the understandable BACKLASH would be off the charts.

How are we losing at LEAST 40 vets to suicide every 24 hours? Presently, only 21 states in our Union are reporting vet suicide statistics. 29 states have ZERO reporting mechanism in place. 22 suicides per day was based on the reports from 21 states. Having said that, California and Texas are two of the largest states in our country. The majority of our retirees and veterans live in these two states. California and Texas DO NOT report veteran suicides.

Finally, many suicides are NOT accurately assessed as such. For example, drug overdoses ARE typically NOT identified as suicides nor are motor vehicle 'accidents.' Often, suicides ARE NOT listed as cause of death on death certificates. What is documented of death certificates is cardiac arrest or respiratory failure due to drug overdoses or significant head trauma due to motor vehicle accident. Hear me when I say, far too many of our warriors are purposefully overdosing and driving their cars into bridge abutments.

The national disgrace known as 'veteran suicide' is not showing any signs of abating. In fact, all signs indicate veteran suicides are continuing to spin out of control. Our VA healthcare system is not gong to be 'fixed' in the near or distant future. Please, educate yourselves regarding the signs and symptoms of those who are actively considering suicide. We are the frontlines. PLEASE...contact me with any concerns or questions you have. I am available 24/7...365!