For Veterans

Startling Statistics: Since the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan began we have lost over 210,000 veterans to suicide between 2001 and present day. One veteran commits suicide every 12 minutes or 40 veterans per day. 69% of those who commit suicide are over the age of 50. Every day we lose one active duty soldier to suicide. We have well over 500,000 veteran warriors with untreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder walking around among us. 65% of those with untreated PTSD are also suffering from addictive illnesses. Since 2001, there has been a staggering 578% INCREASE in the use of opiates by our returning veterans. At least 60,000 of our 500K(+) vets are homeless. Scores of our combat warriors are lost in the shuffle of the criminal justice system as a direct result of their untreated combat trauma. 42% divorce rate among our combat vets. Our nation is experiencing a staggering 10% unemployment rate for our men and women returning from the Middle East...almost DOUBLE the non-military national average. 

We are needlessly and senselessly losing a whole generation of our young heroes. The ramifications of this tragedy could extend well beyond the tragic loss of life as the result of untreated PTSD and addictions. The future of our all volunteer military force and National Security could be at risk. Please reach out for help. If you know of a veteran who is struggling, call me. We will come up with a plan of action. You are not alone!

There is an increasing need for our veterans to be heard and cared for. As an intervention agency, providing services like this to veterans is a specialized area. I am proud to share...I am a veteran. I served for more than 10 years in the United States Army as a Behavioral Science Specialist. I am trained and uniquely qualified to work with your veteran. I get it. You and your veteran are not alone. Not now...not ever. I can and will help.  We will find a way out...together. Their sacrifice...your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Sober Family

Interventions are for the family not just the addict. There is freedom on the other side of this disease for everyone. Your family can thrive and live a life filled with beauty and peace of mind. Make the call today! 561.676.6435.


Sober Escort

I will travel with your loved one to and from treatment. I will walk them in the front door their first day of treatment and out the day they graduate from their program. The Goal...get your loved one admitted into a treatment program not under the influence and to have him/her return home without stopping at the airport bar or visiting people from their past before seeing you. 

Sober Buddy

I would be that "sober buddy" and meet our client at his/her treatment program the day of their successful completion and discharge from treatment.




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